Tuesday, September 2, 2014

another time

once upon a time...

"Seeing your face surrounded by your hair,the bulb felt the moon appeared in the windows"

awkward silence for a while.



" I want that bulb.That particular one.I want to use that particular one" said the other girls.

"Boys, your poetry lack of punch. Apparently you've never been in love before. Let me shows you how it's done." said his friends.

" Ladies..."

Those girls nodding their head just to hear their friend reading a poetry.


" My loves exist even today.I long for your hair even for today.Even today my night are spent thinking of you.My insane condition exist even today. I don't like to see another dishonest eyes. My dishonest eyes have a modicum of decency left in them even today, Love me once and then leave me if you wish.You have my permission to break my heart and leave even today."




"Did you learn anything?"

"Learn from him."

the boys smiling sweetly to his girls and wondering how beautiful she is.

"hurmm.Are you guys done? lets go for a movies."

"movies? no.I need to go to my aunt's home.I will be late.Maybe another time, perhapsOk.Bye.."

" She says another time.Another time doesn't comes.The heart is helpless without her.It refuses to lose itself elsewhere. I asked for one breath, one heartbeat and one looks she says another time.But another time,doesn't comes."

Begitulah kesudahan kisah cinta mereka.Akhirnya si juliet menjadi hak mutlak si romeo.